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Ad Industry Misconceptions Pt. 1

Advertising has recently become a popular career choice thanks to its (mostly inaccurate) portrayal in popular culture. In this two-part blog post, we attempt to debunk the myths that have been surrounding the profession for decades.

The Rise of Silicon Slopes

In recent years, the Wasatch Front has gained quite a lot of momentum. Many believe the area is positioned to become the next Silicon Valley, or as the stretch of cities is now lovingly referred to, Silicon Slopes.

Summer in SLC

As the weather consistently stays warm and sunny, the people of FSMG have begun to enjoy many different outdoor activities. Here are some of the team’s favorite things to do in summer.

The Importance of Process

At Freestyle Marketing Group, process is a fundamental cornerstone of our business practice. Our processes are developed with care, tested, and used with every project we do.

Erni the Ermine

Erni Armstrong, our agency President, is honored to have the Friends of Alta (FOA) mascot, a stuffed toy ermine, named after her. Erni the Ermine is available for purchase at the FOA store and is a great way to show support and provide funding for FOA’s mission to protect the wildlife, land, and watershed of Alta.

2nd Annual Philippines Humanitarian Scholarship Fundraiser

Freestyle Marketing Group, an event sponsor, attended the 2nd Annual Philippines Humanitarian Scholarship Fundraiser and had a ball! We all enjoyed yummy cuisine while watching classical Filipino dance, which we all vowed to learn by next year.

Tales of an Intern

Rod Peterson joined Freestyle Marketing Group as an intern for the summer and we already miss him. His extensive background in public relations made him an incredible asset to the team. Rod shared his experience working with FSMG in the excerpt below.

15 Things That Make Us Unique

In 2000, the world didn’t necessarily need another advertising agency. What it did need was new ways of thinking of how to better connect companies with their customers. What Freestyle Marketing Group did– and has done well– is reinvent the marketing process to focus on strategy first.

Is Your Site Mobile Friendly?

There has been a heavy increase in mobile internet browsing to the point where it has recently overtaken desktop browsing. So why would you develop a site with desktop as your focus and allow mobile to be an afterthought?