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Marketing is about (but not limited to) the creating, communicating, and delivering of valuable goods and services to satisfy customer needs, but if the delivery is misguided, the message goes unheard. You don’t need to target everyone–rather, speak to those who will listen.

Why Choose a Small Agency?

At the end of the day a small agency has a lot to offer a client that a big agency couldn’t. That’s not to say there aren’t great agencies out there that are large, but when it comes to flexibility, culture, and creativity, a small agency packs a punch.

World Cup: Advertising

Futbol–or as we Americans call it–soccer, is a religiously-followed sport around the world. That hasn’t changed much over the years. What has changed is the media and advertising surrounding it.

Minister of Fun

At Freestyle Marketing Group, we keep things interesting around the office. Fun is a constant around here and each month we put someone in charge of being our Minister of Fun.

Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

When under stress from rushed projects and tight deadlines, mistakes can seem inevitable. But knowing what to look out for ahead of time can make all the difference. Here's a short list of what creative and account teams should look out for.

A Tree Falls

Working downtown, you don’t often see many full-grown trees, but we were lucky enough to enjoy many years of shade from one particular tree located just outside our office. Though we're sad to see it go, we've taken this opportunity to voice our appreciation for Mother Nature–a touch that makes all the difference in busy Salt Lake City.