15 things that make us unique

In 2000, the world didn’t necessarily need another advertising agency. What it did need was new ways of thinking of how to better connect companies with their customers. What Freestyle Marketing Group did– and has done well– is reinvent the marketing process to focus on strategy first. In fifteen years a lot has changed, but Freestyle has stayed on top of those changes and emerged as a successful agency.

In honor of our 15-year life span, we would like to present you with 15 things that make Freestyle Marketing Group unique:

  1. The name for Freestyle Marketing Group was inspired by our founder’s daughter, Jamie. At one of Jamie’s swim meets, Erni noticed a very determined participant in the Freestyle event who used every swimming style in his arsenal to get to the finish line. The name of the event — Freestyle — not only fit her work ethic but also her conviction to deliver results.
  2. Freestyle’s logo wouldn’t be complete without its iconic lion. Archie the lion represents two ideas: creative is king, but it wouldn’t be complete without the crown of strategy. (Yes, our creative director did write that- he’s an expert in design).
  3. Our team has worked with clients across the country and the globe, from California to Carolina to Osaka, Japan. The team itself is full of out-of-staters, with a few world travelers and only two native Utahns.
  4. We only allow black dogs with red collars in the building, the first agency to mandate such a fashionable color palette.
  5. Freestyle Marketing Group has created advertising for all types of industries, crafting messages for mountain resorts, financial institutions, luxury properties, industrial retailers, ski shops, upscale hotels, designer fashions, furniture stores, and even a hot dog stand.
  6. Our office has transformed a lot over the years: what was once the account management team’s office is now our War Room, and we’re also proud to have the requisite agency ping pong table and dartboard in our lounge.
  7. Over the past 15 years, FSMG’s founder hasn’t aged, and her haircut is still on point. The same cannot be said for the rest of us.
  8. Freestyle Marketing Group is single-handedly keeping Salt Lake’s bagel shops in business, with a weekly spontaneous breakfast run courtesy of our account team.
  9. Freestyle has a highly classified agency process that allow us to get projects completed on time; fortunately, the process often includes pizza and annual company retreats!
  10. During the winter months, the entire team is guaranteed to come down with a cold. The boss’s solution: The Other Place’s famous lemon chicken soup.
  11. Freestyle Marketing Group is located in the Broadway District of Salt Lake City. Our offices span a piano bar, hair salon, coffee shop, clothing boutique and antique furniture store, which means we could happily live here 24 hours a day and not want for anything. Man can live on quiche alone.
  12. Freestyle once added an office in Ogden in order to be closer to one of our clients and serve their needs even better.
  13. Our creative team loves to create masterpieces on the office chalkboard weekly, reminding the rest of the team why they aren’t art designers.
  14. Once a month, one of our employees get to show off their creativity by planning a “Minister of Fun” event, with activities like renting puppies, playing card games, and drinking cocktails.
  15. With such a close-knit team, we make sure that everyone brings a unique perspective into all of our clients’ projects. With such a strong family dynamic, we get the work done faster and better.