erni the ermine
Erni the Ermine
Erni Armstrong, our agency President, is honored to have the Friends of Alta (FOA) mascot, a stuffed toy ermine, named after her. Erni the Ermine is available for purchase at the FOA store  and is a great way to show support and provide funding for FOA’s mission to protect the wildlife, land, and watershed of Alta. “I’m deeply honored to be associated with such a meaningful and worthwhile endeavor,” said Erni Armstrong. “The incredible beauty right at our doorstep is worth making every effort to protect. I hope that generations to come will be able to adventure in and experience the majestic splendor of Alta.”
 Friends of Alta (FOA) is a non-profit organization founded on the premise that “Protecting Alta’s natural resources TODAY means a legacy of outdoor recreation and clean water that your family and future generations can continue to enjoy TOMORROW.”


As an advertising agency, we at FSMG hope to always help nonprofits in their efforts to create a better world. Throughout the years FSMG has provided affordable marketing services to several organizations including FOA, Prevent Child Abuse Utah, Kids On the Move, And Justice For All, Disability Law Center Indian Walk-In Center, and Philippines Humanitarian.