Why People Flock to Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is starting to become a bigger dot on the map for travelers, business people, and thrill seekers alike. Frankly, we aren’t that surprised; but we are a little perturbed that our city is blowing up. What are the not-so-secret ingredients to this madness?

Tourism is plentiful. Our state license plate promotes skiing the “Best Snow on Earth”, so it’s pretty official. Head south and hike, four-wheel, climb, or raft through some of the most beautiful geological formations in the world.
Business is strong. Entrepreneurs, technology, healthcare—you name it, we got it in strides. Salt Lake and the Wasatch Front is home to some of the biggest and the best, while also being the birthplace of those new up-and-comers you keep hearing about. Silicon Slopes is the new nickname, and justly the New York Times claimed that the Wasatch Front was the next Silicon Valley.
People are friendly (might be that incredibly low 3.5% unemployment rate). This is the beehive state, people go out of their way to help those around them. Not only is the sense of community strong, but there are a ton of organizations whose sole purpose is to benefit others. Start-ups collaborate, nonprofits partner, and activists bond together.
While we broke it down to the smallest criteria possible, there actually are a multitude of factors that make this city great. We’ve done business with some amazing people and look forward to what the future brings for this city.