Promote the Vote

The right to vote is a fundamental aspect of our democracy; but, unfortunately around 40% of Americans don’t actually vote. We urge you to do your part. Get a cup of joe and brush shoulders with the community (I hear they hand out sweet stickers that will look great on your fall coat).

With early voting opening up, we are nearing the 2014 general elections this 4th of November. Let’s take a look at some of the past marketing movements that promote voting:

Vote or Die was started before the 2004 Presidential elections by Sean “P. Diddy” Combs to encourage young people and minorities to vote. The campaign successfully captured the star power of many celebrities and created an iconic t-shirt with the campaign’s slogan.

Rock the Vote, started in 1990, targets the same demographic by latching onto youth culture to get the demographic to turn out to vote. Rock the Vote’s mission is to build the political power of young people in the U.S.

Madonna using her tactics us to get out and vote in this classic 90’s advertisement.

American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) promotes Get Out the Vote–an effort to create nonpartisan posters and videos that mobilize voters to turn out on election day.

It is easy to forget that advertising and marketing can be used to promote things other than goods and services. A group can promote their ideals, agendas, beliefs, or simply a message encouraging you to participate.

It is Freestyle Marketing Group’s hope that everyone make it out to the voting booths and cast their ballot for what they believe in. No matter who or what you support, voting is an important responsibility that allows you to take action, make change, and better our country.