Working at an ad agency, you are no stranger to dealing with projects, deadlines, odd jobs, and emails. Google has been increasingly making things easier. Check out these features you can start utilizing today:

Add tasks to your calendar with due dates to help you meet deadlines. You can sort each task by due date and then click ‘complete’ when you’ve finished each one. Reschedule tasks by using Ctrl+Up arrow or Ctrl+Down arrow to move it within your list. If you’re the type who wants something physical to check off with a pen just go under the ‘Action’ tab and print off the task list.

Un-Send Emails
Ever wish you could go back in time and change that typo or send it to one person instead of the whole company? Go to ‘settings’ in gmail under the cog wheel, click ‘Labs’, then find the feature ‘Undo Send’, enable it and click ‘Save Changes’. Now every time you send an email, that yellow bar that tells you when it’s sent will give you an option to ‘Unsend’. One more chance to fix that mistake.

Keyboard Short Cuts
With email being a cornerstone of business, it’s important to be efficient. Keyboard shortcuts aren’t for everyone but they sure can make things quick and easy. When in Gmail press shift+? to view all the shortcuts, from here you can enable or disable the ability to use the full amount. If you’re having trouble learning them, print out a copy, and see how long you can go without using your mouse.

Priority Inbox
If your inbox is constantly flooded and you are struggling to wade through it all, try the Priority setting under the drop-down arrow next to Inbox. The Priority Inbox will filter what it believes to be important and unread, starred emails, and everything else. Go through your inbox under this mode and train it by marking its importance, using the arrow next to the star. You can also customize the sections as well.

Add Ons
There are a ton of helpful Add-ons out there. From Hellofax, the easiest way to send a fax, to EasyBib which makes the tedious creation of bibliographies less of a headache. Browse the selection and see which one would suit you or your business. Mapping Sheets, for example, drops maps into your document. Get the add-on, highlight any address to drop a map into the document with ease. This is great for new clients, employees, or sending anyone your way for the first time.