in 2000, the world didn't need another advertising agency.

what it did need was new ways of thinking of how to better connect companies with their customers.

it needed smarter, more strategic thinking to engage customers, and then turn that engagement into sales.

at freestyle, that has been our goal since we opened our doors in salt lake city, and our clients will happily tell you that it’s working.

giving back to our community
having clients, who compensate us fairly for the value we offer their businesses, gives us the ability to also take on charitable organizations that focus on providing resources and services to build stronger communities worldwide.

our mission to give back to the community is one of the things that make us unique.

we give back to the communities we serve by offering charitable organizations pro bono or discounted consulting, marketing, and design services to numerous organizations, including:

Philippines Humanitarian

An organization dedicated to helping children of indigent families in the Philippines escape poverty through education.

Prevent Child Abuse Utah

A non-profit organization focused on breaking the cycle of child abuse through education and training.

Disability Law Center

A non-profit organization designated by the Governor as the state’s Protection & Advocacy Agency to safeguard and advance the civil and human rights of people with disabilities in Utah.

Kids On The Move

A Utah based organization that provides services to children with special needs.

Friends Of Alta

Alta’s local land trust at work to actively conserve land and encourage stewardship and sustainability of the environment.

Choice Humanitarian

A non-profit organization that provides villagers in third world countries with the resources and tools to create their own vision out of poverty.

Indian Walk-In Center

An organization centered around providing wellness and social services, as well as reinforce family and community strength among American Indians and Alaska Natives.

And Justice For All

A non-profit organization dedicated to providing free legal services to citizens in poverty, citizens with disabilities, victims of domestic violence, minorities, seniors, and veterans.

It's easier to take than to give. It's nobler to give than to take.
The thrill of taking lasts a day. The thrill of giving lasts a lifetime.
in addition to providing marketing services, staff members have personally volunteered time to serve at various charitable organizations including the Utah Food Bank, Boys & Girls Club, Utah State Library for the Blind, and the Utah M.S. Society.
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