A Tree Falls

Tragedy struck today when a full grown tree was taken from us, here at FSMG headquarters. Our view has drastically changed, our rooms now unshaded, and our street losing a touch of Mother Nature – a touch that made all the difference. Chainsaws revved and tractors beeped while we watched the majestic tree be dismantled piece by piece. Leaves flew while branches met the ground they so determinedly grew away from. The tree’s demise was sparked several months ago, when a food supply truck absentmindedly backed into the beast and dismembered it. The Salt Lake City Forestry was alerted, and came to remove the large branch. The options were weighed, but in the end only one was acted upon. Fast forward to today, and they came for the rest.

FSMG is sad to see it go, as is the neighborhood of Broadway. Working downtown you don’t walk past many great trees, but we were lucky enough to have a few. We need more trees, not less.