Together with FSMG, Industrial Supply Company has won the 2015 Superstar Award in the categories of advertising print-newspaper, internet marketing social profile design, and brand identity logo. The Construction Marketing Association’s (CMA) STAR awards are bestowed to companies that demonstrate marketing excellence, and excellent marketing is what FSMG does for its clients. Check out one of the advertisements we created for Industrial Supply Company below.

Industrial Supply Company is the largest privately held construction, aerospace, defense, utilities, government, electronic, mining, and manufacturing product distributor in the Intermountain West. The founder of Industrial Supply Company, Rudolph Orlob, envisioned a company that would be able to contribute to Utah’s economic and social environment. Industrial Supply Company has been able to fulfill its founder’s vision by supporting non-profit organizations and staying in business for nearly 100 years.

The partnership between FSMG and Industrial Supply Company has resulted in nationally recognized advertising campaigns throughout the years. We are extremely appreciative of the creative opportunities that our partnership with Industrial Supply Company has afforded us and really look forward to doing more results-driven, award-winning work together in the future.