The Rise of Silicon Slopes

Should you start a company in Utah? According to this Adweek article by T.L. Stanley, you should.

In recent years, the Wasatch Front has gained quite a lot of momentum. Many believe the area is positioned to become the next Silicon Valley, or as the stretch of cities is now lovingly referred to, Silicon Slopes.

Traditionally, Silicon Valley of California has been a hotbed for tech corporations and startups for decades, but Utah’s flourishing scene is beginning to change that. Utah’s pro-business environment is luring in tons of tech and startup companies to the Silicon Slopes area.

But why?

According to the article mentioned above, Utah’s secret to success is its people. Culturally, the Beehive State is known for having the highest birthrate in the country, so the population is continually growing. The perception is that Utah natives are brought up to be industrious and dedicated workers, and aren’t inclined to move away from the area. While this may be true, there are some other undeniable factors that can’t be ignored.

Certain aspects like tax breaks, lower rent, and a fairly strong public-transit system are quickly drawing companies to the plot of cities from Ogden to Salt Lake to Provo. There’s also the close proximity to the University of Utah and Brigham Young University, which churn out ambitious talent in the form of over 15,000 combined graduates per year.

Companies like eBay, Netflix, and Adobe have already established sales offices along the Wasatch Front. Newly constructed office buildings continue to spring up across cities in the area.

Utah also boasts an attractive landscape with its world-renowned ski resorts, hiking, and mountain bike trails that appeal to the masses. The area also tops several esteemed “Best Of” lists, such as Salt Lake City ranking on Livability’s Top 100 Places To Live for the third year in a row. Not surprisingly, Utah was just proclaimed the no. 1 state for business in CNBC’s Top States ranking.

As Utah’s business-friendly climate continues to attract big companies and aspiring entrepreneurs, the Wasatch Front will continue to make incredible strides in the tech world.