Summer in SLC

Author John Steinbeck once wrote, “in early June the world of leaf and blade and flowers explodes, and every sunset is different.”

Summer in SLC is officially in full swing, and we are loving the blooming flowers and colorful sunsets that the season brings.

As the weather consistently stays warm and sunny, the people of FSMG have begun to enjoy many different outdoor activities.

Here are some of the team’s favorite things to do in summer.

Our Account Supervisor, Shawna, loves taking advantage of the longer days of sunlight. This summer, you can find her hanging outside with her family and friends around the BBQ pit. She also enjoys perusing a good farmers market, such as the Downtown Farmer’s Market taking place every Saturday this summer in SLC’s Pioneer Park.

Staci, our Account Planner, agrees with spending her free time outdoors. Not only does she like the longer days, but she also enjoys herb gardening, al fresco dining, and wine sipping. She says, “We’re lucky to have lovely weather and beautiful outdoor spaces in the greater SLC area.”

Our Account Coordinator, Rod, occupies his summer attending regional festivals. He says, “I really enjoy going to all of the free concerts in Salt Lake. This area has a lot to offer.” Some of the events you’re likely to find Rod at this summer are the Salt Lake City Greek Festival, the Utah Beer Festival, the Living Traditions Festival, and Jazz Nights at the Gallivan Center. When he’s not occupied with local events, Rod enjoys venturing out to the many National Parks we have in Utah.

Those are just a few of the great things that summer in Salt Lake City has to offer. Hopefully, this list will inspire and encourage others to get outside, seek new adventures, and simply enjoy life’s little pleasures!