Whether you live here or you’re just visiting, check out our insider’s guide to some of Salt Lake City’s most popular restaurants.


Having only been open a few months now, Publik is dramatically stepping up the coffee game. From roasting to brewing, Publik does it all. Let’s just say they know how to make a quality cup of joe. We love the artisan uprising in Salt Lake, and Publik is helping breed a community that appreciates the finer things in life.


Home to the doner kebab, a creation made with shaved meat off of a rotating broiler, Spitz is a restaurant replicating mediterranean street food. Within walking distance from the FSMG on Broadway some of our team members end up eating there multiple times a week. Go for the classic Doner or try some other variations of the classic, such as street cart fries, Doner with Pommes (fries), or an order of doquitos (think mediterranean taquito).

Copper Common

Right next door to the renowned Copper Onion, Copper Common provides high quality cocktails with exquisite bar fare to match. Offerings include oysters, lobster spaghetti, house corned beef, and bar staples such as wings, fries with aioli, and deviled eggs. The bartenders know their stuff and work painstakingly to create outstanding cocktails. We miss Plum Alley but aren’t too mad about the replacement.


Nobrow Coffee Werks truly understands the coffee they serve and how to serve it well. The staff can tell you everything about the coffee they are brewing or stocking on their shelves. Nobrow has partnered with local Blue Copper coffee roasters and has local Charming Beard coffee on deck. From pour over cups to espresso shots, Nobrow has got you covered.

Eva and Eva’s Bakery

Downtown on Main, Eva Restaurant is known for their small plates, or tapas. Also open late, they have a well-stocked drink menu, and a charming patio. A great intimate spot to grab a drink and some food before venturing to the bars downtown. Right down the road from the restaurant is Eva’s Bakery which produces some excellent French style breads, pastries, and croissants.

Beer Bar

A two-minute walk from the office, Beer Bar serves up a wide variety of sausages, ranging from traditional brats to cajun smoked andouille, and 30 draft beers. From the creator of Bar X, which is right next door, and star of Modern Family, Beer Bar creates an atmosphere and menu unmatched in SLC.

Cafe Niche

Cafe Niche is the perfect destination if you want to keep it classy, but not so classy you break the bank. They serve light, local food – and they have a bar which is always a plus. Their brunch menu is consistently a nice sight for sore morning eyes.

Cheers to You

Next door to Eva’s is a neighborhood bar with tons of charm. Cheers to You plays host to regulars every night so you will always see a familiar face. Want to leave your personalized mug behind the bar? It will be there waiting.


Located in the hip and happening 9th and 9th district, Pago is a small joint dishing out large flavors. Fancy fare for lunch, dinner, and a real killer brunch. Artisan, local, and farm fresh ingredients matched with great environment and cooking have made Pago outstanding in the restaurant business.

Tacos Don Rafa & Tacos el Toro (a.k.a. the taco carts in the Sear’s parking lot)

There are many a taco cart in SLC, but these are two that seem to stand out the most. It is up to debate about which taco cart at Sears on 8th South and State is the king, and we won’t try to weigh in. We will, however, tell you to go try both and decide for yourself. $1.50 for two tacos, $3 for a burrito, no problema.