Coming up with creative solutions can be a daunting task, so it makes sense to include several team members. Brainstorming is a great way to throw a ton of ideas out there and then pick through them. Freestyle Marketing Group is, like any advertising agency, dependent on coming up with and delivering creative strategies, art, and copy.

Marketing companies can be very divided. On one side there’s the account team, and on the other there’s the creative team. FSMG leverages its ability to bring both sides together to brainstorm. Having both parties participate makes the ideas that do come to fruition possible from both angles. Before the start of the classic brainstorm, the leader makes sure everyone knows that there is no wrong answer or bad idea. But since blurting out ideas isn’t always successful, Freestyle has adopted another method to get everyone to participate.

The agency has moved to using Post-It notes to allow ideas to flow faster, and without hesitation or fear of rejection. Use a glass wall, whiteboard, door, or any flat surface to collect the notes. You can make categories (broadcast, print, outdoor, digital) or depending on the brainstorm break it up however you like. Find what works for your team and what doesn’t. Having both accounts and creative in the room ensures all ideas are feasible from both teams, something that can easily be overlooked.

Keep it fun and fresh. If your team is more alert in the morning, take advantage of that. Remember that sometimes the most “out-there” ideas can turn into or inspire a unique solution.