creative idols
Our creative idols of 2014

2014 was an incredible year, filled with great entertainment and art. At our ad agency, we appreciate creativity, design, and humor. Here’s a list of people who really stood out to us and made 2014 just that much brighter.

Alejandro González Iñárritu
Birdman Director Mr. Iñárritu made history when he became the first Mexican director to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Director. He also took home a Golden Globe for Best Screenplay this year to add to his already hefty collection of accolades.We thought that Birdman was brilliant, and we are looking forward to The Revenant.

Llana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson
These are the two up and coming creators and stars of the critically acclaimed television show, Broad City, which debuted this past year on Comedy Central. Backed by comedian and actress Amy Poehler, this show shows the hilarious quips between two women navigating New York.

Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen
The stars of the show Portlandia have been poking fun at their city of residence for a while now, and it’s still hilarious. Their strategy to portray the city’s niche communities and quirky personalities, while adding their own creative spin, has worked out very well in our opinion.

Ira Glass
The American radio personality has been putting out some of the best radio shows for the past 10 years as the host and producer of This American Life. Every week the program chooses a specific theme to explore, and brings you stories on that theme. The theme changes each week, keeping the show entertaining.

Olivia Palermo
A socialite, fashionista, and reality star, Olivia has made moves throughout the last few years to turn herself into quite the style icon. She’s parlayed her role on a reality TV show into a number of impressive opportunities in fashion, modeling, and design.

Wes Anderson
The American director and screenwriter has one of the most distinct styles in cinema today. From meticulously created scenes to star studded casts, you know what to expect from Mr. Anderson when you go to see his latest and greatest. This past year we were graced with The Grand Budapest Hotel, which we all went to see together as an agency and loved. The fact that his father is an advertising exec also hits us in our soft spot.

Flying Lotus
An electronic producer who paves his own road, Steven Ellison hit us this year with his EP You’re Dead and followed it up with a tour that had an impressive visual element. In the ever expanding electronic music segment, Flying Lotus continues to make stand out beats and partner with some of the best in music today, including Kendrick Lamar. By marketing his new album through social media posts with artwork and short descriptions for planned songs, he built hype and delivered.