Freestyle Marketing Group is, for all intents and purposes, a small full-service advertising agency. This is without mistake and provides a huge client benefit that comes with choosing a small agency such as FSMG.

Flexibility is huge at Freestyle. Our culture and structure allow the team to adapt and cater to clients needs. Services are more personalized and communication flows much easier than at a larger company with a vertical structure. A small agency gets projects done quicker due to the lack of red tape and hierarchy it has to go through. Our team experiences freedom with this flexibility as well, being able to wear more hats and not get pigeonholed into one task.

This ability to play more roles in business keeps the team fresh and productive. When our team members branch out to learn other services and tactics they create a better understanding of the full agency at work. The agency becomes a well greased machine and works with efficiency when getting the job done for the clients. Freestyle Marketing Group works with people, clients, and vendors that we like and respect- which sometimes isn’t the case when a larger agency doesn’t have this type of flexibility.

With this flexibility comes a strong culture that promotes creativity, inspiration, and risk taking. The whole agency has a part in the brainstorming process which leaves our creatives with tons of ideas to work from. Strategy is based from the most effective and efficient instead of ‘what worked last time’ and what a large agency can safely deliver. Small agencies can work with clients to find their exact needs and provide meaningful results. Bringing breakthrough ideas to the clients instead of sticking to the status quo.

At the end of the day a small agency has a lot to offer a client that a big agency couldn’t. That’s not to say there aren’t great agencies out there that are large, but when it comes to flexibility, culture, and creativity, a small agency packs a punch.