Freestyle Marketing Group does things a bit differently. We strongly believe in our culture, our brand, and our team. We keep things interesting around the office, and the team is always taking little adventures and expeditions together. Fun is a constant around here, and each month we put someone else in charge. We call them the Minister of Fun.

Team synergy goes through the roof when everyone is having fun and spending time outside of the knee deep project. Promoting this is the Minister of Fun, who is in charge of keeping the office morale high for one month at a time.

Past activities have included flower arrangement contests, Harry Potter themed party complete with butterbeer, breakfast meetings in the park, outings to watch and support the US soccer team, outrageous cocktail creations, throwing darts at prize balloons, and renting 3 adorable puppies for the office to play with. Thats right, puppies:

The agency as a whole gets to step back from work for a second and relax. Building team chemistry and communication outside of the ropes course and the forced activities that people dread keep the team working at 100%.