Team USA plays its first match in the 2014 World Cup today. The controversies, social issues, and excitement surrounding the Cup is unprecedented. Futbol, or as we Americans call it soccer, is a religiously followed sport around the world. That hasn’t changed much over the years. What has changed is the media and advertising surrounding it.

No longer are the channels just TV, print, radio and outdoor. Nearly 1.6 Million have already watched Nike’s ad campaign via Youtube which was published just days ago. Advertising adapts to the times and companies are pushed to take full advantage of the opportunity. Digital campaigns that integrate with traditional mediums like print and broadcast create a frequency that resonates with the audience. The strategy is quite apparent, to capture and harness the incredible emotion that soccer evokes: competition, passion, fun, and pride. Marketing on this stage can be rivaled only by the Super Bowl.

Salt Lake City has gained a large soccer following around the Real Salt Lake team and is undoubtedly watching the Cup. Marketing efforts have already included the likes of Kyle Beckerman, a Real and USA player, to promote SLC based business. Today the office at Freestyle Marketing Group is buzzing in anticipation for the match against Ghana. Our account planners, copywriters, art directors, and founders alike are all ready to root on USA.