3 Things We Love About Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is a well kept secret. The outside world knows it primarily by one predominant religion and world famous winter sports. However, here at Freestyle Marketing, there’s much more that makes Salt Lake City special (and not to mention a prime home to our office). These three reasons are in no specific order, and frankly only skim the surface of our love for SLC:

1. Location, Location, Location.

Salt Lake is located on the Wasatch front which provides 6 world class ski resorts during the winter and hundreds of hikes during the summer. Drive south and you will find some of the most epic rock formations in the U.S.

The Freestyle Marketing Group office is in a prime location of downtown Salt Lake. This City is not the most walkable but that being said, the office is within walking distance of some great spots to grab food or watch a game. Beer Bar is a minute away as well as other downtown eateries such as Pie Hole, Canellas, and a Cafe Ibis is about to open up downstairs.

2. Business Savvy

As a marketing company in SLC, Freestyle Marketing Group is glad to see the economy is strong and that the city is growing. Collectively Salt Lake is very creative and has a surprisingly great art and music scene. There is a huge entrepreneurial spirit in this valley and Freestyle looks forward to watching new businesses blossom.

3. The Community

Salt Lake City is often overlooked by outsiders due to the stereotypes surrounding Utah, but FSMG knows better. Chock full of creative thinkers, diverse groups, hard workers, and loving people, the community of SLC is strong. The Salt Lake community stands up for social issues as well as environmental ones, such as the pollution that plagues the valley during winter inversions. FSMG also supports fundamental human rights, including marriage equality which has been a something Salt Lake citizens have been fighting for. FSMG and SLC alike support these fundamental human rights even if all our politicians do not, and this is why we love Salt Lake.