Erni the Ermine

Erni Armstrong, our agency President, is honored to have the Friends of Alta (FOA) mascot, a stuffed toy ermine, named after her. Erni the Ermine is available for purchase at the FOA store and is a great way to show support and provide funding for FOA’s mission to protect the wildlife, land, and watershed of Alta.

2nd Annual Philippines Humanitarian Scholarship Fundraiser

Freestyle Marketing Group, an event sponsor, attended the 2nd Annual Philippines Humanitarian Scholarship Fundraiser and had a ball! We all enjoyed yummy cuisine while watching classical Filipino dance, which we all vowed to learn by next year.

What School Can’t Teach You

Recently our Creative Director Jason spoke to an advertising class filled with upper level college students at Westminster College. One question that was brought up was quite interesting: “What did you learn on the job that you didn’t learn in school?”

5 Google App Features to Take Advantage Of

Working at an ad agency, you are no stranger to dealing with projects, deadlines, odd jobs, and emails. Google has been increasingly making things easier. Check out these features you can start utilizing today:


Coming up with creative solutions can be a daunting task, so it makes sense to include several team members. Brainstorming is a great way to throw a ton of ideas out there and then pick through them.