Summer in SLC

As the weather consistently stays warm and sunny, the people of FSMG have begun to enjoy many different outdoor activities. Here are some of the team’s favorite things to do in summer.

2nd Annual Philippines Humanitarian Scholarship Fundraiser

Freestyle Marketing Group, an event sponsor, attended the 2nd Annual Philippines Humanitarian Scholarship Fundraiser and had a ball! We all enjoyed yummy cuisine while watching classical Filipino dance, which we all vowed to learn by next year.

5 Google App Features to Take Advantage Of

Working at an ad agency, you are no stranger to dealing with projects, deadlines, odd jobs, and emails. Google has been increasingly making things easier. Check out these features you can start utilizing today:

World Cup: Advertising

Futbol–or as we Americans call it–soccer, is a religiously-followed sport around the world. That hasn’t changed much over the years. What has changed is the media and advertising surrounding it.